Jace Wayland's apply.

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Jace Wayland's apply.

Post  JaceWayland on Sat 05 Feb 2011, 8:35 am

Hi guys, I supposse some people knows me already, so, I don't gonna introduce myself.

Name: Jace Wayland (Don't know if it's in real life so, Cristian Gallardo)
How Long you have been on the server: In favourites like 3 months, but playing all days just 1 month.
Have You Been Admin Before? Yeah.
If Yes Where (NO IPS): In a BJ and SD server.
Why You Want to be an Admin. Cause so much time isn't admins and there's a lot hackers.
Anything Else: Today was 2 sobeit users and when an admin says: I'm admin, they come out.. I promisse discretion.


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