A command that blows up your vehicle

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A command that blows up your vehicle

Post  thrity on Sun 02 Jan 2011, 9:17 pm

Or, removes your vehicle so someone doesn't just drive a car to a bunch of people and go "/BLOWUPTHISSHIT"

I thought of this when someone spawned an asston of HPV-1000s on Gant Bridge today. Theres a glitch I noticed when someone spawns a bunch of vehicles, where you'll be put in one of the vehicles when you try to use /v. But its not a random vehicle, is specific to what car you spawned. So if you spawn a turismo, you'll always go to that same vehicle when you spawn turismos in the future. So, if you destroy the vehicle, you won't have that problem when you spawn turismos anymore. Thing is though, unless you boost into a wall or something, destroying the vehicle can be pretty annoying, especially when its a bike like the HPV-1000s I was talking about before. So I thought of this command.

It wouldn't only be useful for getting around this glitch though, it could be good for just getting rid of cars in general, or whatever other situation you might find yourself in where you want the car gone.

This would be for everyone, not just admins, in case that wasn't obvious enough


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