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Post  Ophyzarr on Sun 12 Dec 2010, 1:55 pm

If you wanna be a member of =[UF]=, You've got to reply in this format:

Username: (your desingnation)
Age: (how old you are in human years)
Obtained Status: (admin level, or Member)
Reasons why you want to be: (Just give some ideas)
Skill Level: (for games overall, 1 to 100, 100 being godly and 1 being a fail. please go into detail in what games you are good at)

Username: Ophyzarr
Age: Unspecified
Obtained Status: Level 3/4
Reasons why you want to be: I like playing FPS games and would like to bring the world of =[UF]= outside the boundries of GTA:SAMP
Skill Level: 83: Semi Pro in Wolfenstein ET and Generally good at all fps games including Unreal Tournament Call of Duty and many more. i also have experience in RTS games and ofc SAMP

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